Jazz Journal

‘Beeput’s performance as Lena Horne (and everyone else) was stunning: she projected Lena’s glamour, beauty, vocal talent and personal struggles with great style ... Beeput and Webb’s songs were strong and effective - the lyrics propelled the narrative just as effectively as Beeput’s script … Stormy: The Life Of Lena Horne deserves a long and successful life.’

Eastern Daily Press

‘Camilla’s magical voice, supported by the supreme skill of her superb, tight yet sensitive five piece band, created an atmosphere that again brought tears to my eyes. This truly was a wonderful evocation of one of the greatest jazz singing stars we have ever seen.’

Theatre Bubble

‘Beeput’s stunning vocals capture Lena’s essence beautifully. It would be great to hear further development of the original songs which were a rich fusion of genres from musical and jazz through to rap. It was a shame that a couple of them were short samplings as they have great potential for being showstoppers.’

The Times

‘A bravura display - sometimes sexy, sometimes icily androgynous … sassy anecdotes and vignettes were wrapped around a clutch of energetic new songs  co-written by the pianist and musical director Alex Webb … by the end of the evening a star had been reborn.’


Clarke Peters: ‘Many people aren’t aware of Lena Horne’s struggle’.

The star of The Wire and Treme on his new musical about the American singer, actor and activist – and his ‘surf noir’ project with Hugh Laurie. Read the article here